Data Posted on12/1/2008
 After running on E85 for about 15,000 miles I have had zero problems with my Z. I usually save at least 50 cents a gallon using E85 instead of Supreme Gasoline and get a 13 octane boost.
My convertible is pretty much in the garaged for the next 4 months. Leaving the E85 the tank the whole time it sits although I will try and take it out at least once o month on clear snow free days. 
Two new stations in MD have started selling E85.  The Chevron station on the corner of Germantown Rd (118) and Frederick Rd (355) and the Chevron station on Rt 40 in Frederick next to the Frederick town mall, The second station is usually about 5 to 10 cents cheaper on average and the first stations advertised price is for cash only. Add 5 cents when you use charge card. 
Last pricein Frederick was $1.55 a gallon and in Germantown the price was $1.69 or $1.79. 
Data posted on 6/20/2008

What I know from practical experience of alcohol and ethenol fuels. Wife is Brazilian so when we visit her family in Brazil I always rent a flex fuel car
that can run on both gas and alcohol (made from sugar cane) since my second trip in 2002. total trips to Brazil, 9. All flex fuel cars in Brazil are either GM
or Fords (So Automakers have known how to make flex fuel cars for some time). I believe the octane rating for alcohol in Brazil is 115 or so.

Now to the more relevant American info. I bought an E85 Flex Fuel 2004 mountaineer with 20K miles last year. I live in Maryland and it is probably one of the
worst states for E85 availability and competitive pricing against Regular 87 octane gas. Currently regular unleaded average price is $4.00 a gallon. E85
prices - 5 stations on the NW side of D.C.: 1st Rockville MD station charges $3.87 (gov't run facility that allows public access) a gallon, the second
Rockville Station, (a Sunoco station) charges around $3.25 a gallon and Georgtown Citgo charges $3.23 a gallaon. Another station in Germantown MD will open
up soon, plus another one is in Frederick Maryland and charges $3.39 a gallon.
Ran my 04 mountaineer exclusively on E85 for about 2 months.
Mountaineer gets 17mg on Regular unleaded vs. 14.5 mpg on E85, loss of about 14% in fuel economy. I drive on I-70 everyday for work and have to go over two
1,000 ft mountains. I can definately feel the difference going up the hills running E85 vs. Regular gas.

Now on to the relevant Camaro data. I own a six-speed 1995 Z-28 Camaro Conv.
I am going to go ahead and make myself (or my Z-28) a test subject for all of us Camaro owners for running E85. I just ordered  the only EPA approved Flex
Fuel sensor module with cold start technology from

A little bit on why I am doing this:
1 - I always say never believe everything you read, so I am doing the test myself. I will act as a test subject to help out fello camaro owners save on fuel
costs and verify if my car will run with out issue or blow up :) .
2 - I am pro E85, but after my 2 month test period with my mountaineer running E85 I could not bring myself to continue to pay more $ per mpg. (although now
the additional public stataions provde more competative prices.
3 - A good conservative number for loss of mpg when using E85 instead of Regular gas is 20%. This number is from many articles I have read on E85 and based
on personal experience from my 2004 mountaineer and cars I rented in Brazil, Most of the time I rented the Chevrolet Astra with a 2.0 litre engine (2.0 is a
big engine for cars in Brazil). I never noticed more than a 15% drop in fuel economy using alcohol in Brazil.
4 - 93 Octane Supreme gasoline is now averging around $4.29 this spring here in Maryland and we all know gas prices only go up in the summer. The $4.29 per
gallon price of gas cost 15% more than $3.30 per gallon avg for E85. I know the rule is to only covert when the price difference between the two fuels is 20%
and as I said before I am pro e85 and I am willing to pay the same price per mpg, just not more.
5 - I drive 50 miles to work each way, 4 days a week with two significant sized hills each way. My Z-28 averages 22-23 mpgs, with the majority of the miles
being on the highway, and I am not shy about stepping on the accelerator to pass people going up the hills.

Initial Results

mpg average of 22.5 mpg for my 1995 Z28 running supreme gas

18.6 is current mpg after several fill ups of ethenol which is about a 19% fuel efficiency loss. So at $4.29 for supreme gas means as long as e85 price
remains below 3.42 I am saving money. So right now I am saving about 10-15 cents a gallon by using e85 instead of gas
I installed the FFV module on April 30, 2008. So Far I have driven 3,500 miles so far. So far so good

My 1995 Z28 6sp Conv


My two FFV vehicles. 2004 mountaineer (factory FFV) and my Z-28 (Converted FFV)


FFV module by Red (thingy) - black cables running to fuel injectors


Close up of just injector wiring


Pic of FFV module installed on my camaro


My Mods: 1995 Z-28 Conv. Green with Tan leater Interior. Mods: 17" Aluminum ZR-1 Rims; Flow Booster, TPI/LT1 Throttle Body; Cold-Air Induction Package from SLP; Skip-Shit Eliminator; Shocks, Optional Bilstein Package; Thermostat 160 degrees; SLP Short Throw shifter with leather "H" knob; Aluminum Flywheel; 3.73 gears.

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